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Our aim is to help you become more comfortable and healthy by giving health and lifestyle advice

Why visit us?

The most common reasons that people visit Eastleigh Osteopathic Clinic are for treatment of back pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, sports injuries and many other short and long term health issues that they may need treatment for.We can treat adults, children and babies. Our aim is to make you more comfortable. Whether you have recently injured yourself playing sport or can’t understand why something is hurting because you haven’t “done anything” or have a work related pain. Very often, aches that you may feel are not serious, but you would rather be without it, can be discussed and treatment undertaken by one of our qualified osteopaths. 

All major health insurance companies covered.


Osteopathic treatment has helped many people that have suffered with many varied problems including back pain, sciatica and RSI. Osteopathy is the science which holds that the relationship that the
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Naturopathy is incorporated into classical osteopathy and they work together. Classical osteopathy adjusts and reorganises whereas diet and lifestyle changes will often have a cleansing
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Acupunture can be used in conjuction with osteopathic treatment to help with a number of health problems. Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine developed over the last 2000 years
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