Corona Virus & Covid-19 Clinic Guidance & Rules

Important, please read.

The new laws introduced at the beginning of lockdown stated that it was legal for osteopaths to remain open and legal for patients to travel to see us.

To be able to treat the people who are finding it necessary to visit us, and to protect you, and us from cross-infection of Covid-19 we have to follow Public Health England, government, our regulators and insurers advice and guidance.

This means that the clinic experience that you have previously known has had to change.

  • We will ring you during the day before or on the day of your treatment to ask you some screening questions, without going through this process we cannot offer you an appointment to see an osteopath.

  • We can no longer have people sitting in the waiting room, so please wait in your car until the time of your appointment or when called into the reception by either the osteopath or reception staff.

  • Currently we cannot allow access to the on site toilets for patients and clinic visitors.

  • Before entering you will need to disinfect your hands and don your face mask, one of our health care professionals will come and get you from your car and also ask you to sign a Covid-19 declaration, we have to sign these every time we come to work as well.

  • The osteopath will take you to the treatment room, during this time please observe social distancing from both the osteopath and reception staff.

  • Both the reception area and the treatment rooms will have been disinfected and aerated between each patient.

  • Please do not bring anything such as coats and bags into the clinic.

  • Please set up your phone to make contactless payments if you can.

  • Your osteopath will be dressed differently to normal as we have to work within the 2m social distancing area, wearing PPE is the new normal for us to work in.

  • By using the pre-screening protocol and wearing a mask, protective glasses, disposable gloves and apron reduces the risk as much as we possibly can but does not make it risk free, be sure you are happy to accept this risk before you visit us. This may depend on your own personal circumstances such as your own vulnerability or that of someone you live with or are in close contact with.

  • As soon as payment has been made we have to ask you to leave the clinic so we can disinfect ready for the next patient. We have staggered starting times for patients arriving and leaving so please leave promptly, apologies for this as we know people often like to chat to the reception staff, they also like to chat to you as well.

  • Please make sure you arrive on time (or earlier if you haven’t seen us before as you will need to fill out a form in your car while you wait for your appointment time).

  • If you arrive late and we cannot see you, please do not be offended as we have to run to these guidelines very strictly.

  • If we cannot see you due to arriving late for your appointment you will be charged for the appointment.

  • Missed appointments will be charged for.

We apologise for all this rigmarole and hopefully a more normal service will resume at some point in the not too distant future.